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Spotlight Award 2024 Shortlist

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18 - Death is coming - 32f6df9a-daae-4149-8956-4b30ae2e4371

Andrea Agostini


Water Is an Act of Faith


The departure of the train to Thailand at Thanaleng Train Station in Vientiane Capital. This train line is part of the Lao-Thai railway, which comprises a 3.5km railway line between Thanalaeng Station in Laos across the border to Nong Khai province in Thailand via the Lao-Thai Friendship Bridge. This line will eventually link up with the Laos-China railway. Laos, October 2023.

Nicholas Bosoni


A Corridor Waved in Silk


24 - Dreaming of Zeno_Annalaura Cattelan_25 - e56fb89f-0ece-411c-a065-5a5af1337d49

Annalaura Cattelan


Dreaming of Zeno


04/12/2018 - El Coca, Orellana Province in Ecuador
Five-year-old Genesis, plays amid Petroecuador’s oil pipes (formerly Texaco’s), running just a few meters away from her home in the outskirts of El Coca in the northern Ecuadorian Amazon. Genesis’ mother, Monica, has cancer, and one of her two other children was born with a congenital disease. Monica says that some nights the racket made by the oil pumping is unbearable. She also claims that five years ago, downstream, these pipes were responsible for an oil spill, and yet, Petroecuador’s staff deny this by assuring everyone these are just water pipes.
Picture taken with consent of the Genesis’ mother, Monica, while accompanying a member of the Union of People Affected by Texaco’s Oil Operations (UDAPT) during a medical round of her patients.

Nicola “Ókin” Frioli


Piatsaw: The Resistance of the Indigenous Nations of Ecuadorian Amazon


1 - Sandy Avila - d9e4c4c7-1434-4f4e-ab7f-632763b22ae3

Mario Heller


Lady Low Rider


23 - Louis_Malecek23 - 859ec1fe-d69c-4506-a24e-7bf1fa9d97cf

Louis Malecek


From Our Chains We Will Forge the Metal to Brandish the Sword of Freedom


[Syuldyukar, Iakoutie, Russie]
Suite ˆ la rupture des barrages du producteur de diamants Alrosa en aožt 2018, des eaux polluŽes ont coulŽ dans les rivires Irelyakh, Malaya Botuobiya et Vilyui, dŽpassant de 20 fois la concentration autorisŽe de Ç matires en suspension È. Depuis, certaines espces rares de poisson, comme le ta•men, ont presque disparues. Ë Syuldyukar, ce n'est que 3 ans plus tard que le gouvernement a mis en place des installations de traitement de l'eau, mais les habitants trouvent que cette eau est trop stŽrile et n'a Ç aucun gožt, ni ŽlŽments bŽnŽfiques pour la santŽ È. L'eau aux abords de Syuldyukar n'a jamais retrouvŽ sa transparence.

Natalya Saprunova


“The Evenki People: Custodians of the Resources of Yakutia”


1 - Rowyn Finnegan Oakley Mikayla at Save A Fox

Robin Schwartz


Rescued Foxes Find Refuge in Minnesota


Angela Michael (67) (center), an anti-abortion activist and former nurse, performs ultrasounds in a recreational vehicle transformed into a small clinic outside the Hope Clinic for Women in Granite City, Illinois. Michael and her husband park their RV outside of the abortion clinic nearly every day to dissuade patients from seeking abortions. They offer diapers and other supplies instead. Years earlier, she convinced Ashley Miller (29) (right) not to have an abortion. Ashley is now five weeks into her 4th pregnancy, likely with twins. She had a miscarriage a few months before after being beaten by her partner, a local police officer. In the first nine months after the Supreme Court's ruling, Illinois saw an increase of 12,400 abortions from the previous year as people traveled there from states with bans, according to the Society of Family Planning. The Michaels are concerned about this surge. Granite City, Illinois, USA, 19.07.2022  (The scene was not staged; permission was granted by Angela and Ashley, her daughter's legal guardian.)

Kasia Strek


The Price Of Choice


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