Short Story Award 2024

World Report Award | Documenting Humanity
Short Story Award 2024 Shortlist

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1 - Marco Meneguz checks the reproduction of BSF in the -BEF Biosystem- laboratories in Casalnoceto- AL.

Luigi Avantaggiato


Millennium Bugs


1 - Fragments of Climate Changes - c0e25948-e9c5-402f-9678-2e946e7f5b07

Gil Bartz


Fragments of Climate Changes



Francesco Comello


Oshevensk, ai confini del tempo


2 - Shattered- Firearms- the leading cause of death for children in America

Barbara Davidson


“Shattered”: Firearms, the Leading Cause of Death for Children in America


24/12/2016 Shariant community, Morona-Santiago Province, Ecuador.
Group of Shuar Indigenous people pertaining to the resistance in Nankints during the clashes between between Tsumtsuim community members and the military. They are waiting for the radio signal asking them to deploy to the Zamora River where the confrontation would took place.
Picture taken during a solo visit to the community. The group had previously welcomed me upon my arrival, and later agreed to be photographed posing with their weapons.  After expressing my concern about the visibility of their faces, which could expose them to persecution, each one covered up according to preference.

Nicola “Ókin” Frioli


Piatsaw: The Resistance of the Indigenous Nations of Ecuadorian Amazon


19 July 2023. Nabwigulu, Kamuli District, Uganda.  Perez Mwase cowers in the family maize field after being bathed by his mother Lovinsa Namwebya. 
19-year-old Perez lives with severe, category four, autism. Lovinsa tried for years to have her son’s condition diagnosed. Unable to deal with his aggression and hyperactivity, his parents tied him to a tree for 11 years. He was fed and toileted in the same place until late evening when he would join the family inside. Following the death of his father from suicide, Lovinsa struggled to care for Perez alone and he was moved to the Amaanyi Centre, a home and school for children with intellectual disabilities run by NGO Embrace Kulture, a two-hour drive away in Entebbe. While there he was formally diagnosed with severe, category four, Autism.  In November 2017 the family instigated a case challenging the Ugandan government and the Buyende Local Government with failure to provide early detection, rehabilitation, and habilitation services at the primary health care level for a person living with Autism. In a landmark decision in March 2022 the court ruled in favour of Perez on all counts.  The court found that the government’s failure amounted to a violation of his human rights; his right to health, right to equality and freedom from discrimination, and his right to human dignity provided for under the 1995 Constitution of the Republic of Uganda.

Christopher Hopkins


They Teach Us to Sing but There Are no Songs About Us


Un adolescent regarde le couché de soleil sur les hauteurs de Naplouse.

Arthur Larie


Children Facing Trauma and Violence in the West Bank


Olga is 91 years old and despite her age she walks several kilometres around her village every day. Her son, who used to live in the city, has had to return to the village where only they are left to look after her.

Adra Pallón




Odesa I Ukraine I 15.06.2022 
In June 2022, amidst restrictions on gatherings due to war, young Ukrainian graduates created a powerful art performance by dancing in front of sandbags at the opera theater. They shared it on social media to showcase their losses and resilience to the world. In this display of unity, they stood defiantly, symbolically turning the barricades of sandbags into a canvas of expression.

Laetitia Vançon


The Other Battlefields


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