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The mining village of Ríoturbio, in Mieres, was built in the 60s to provide a home for mining workers in the area. With 602 homes, it once had a population of over 2,500 people, but the closure of coal mines in the valley has caused the exodus of its population and the few people that remain are mostly elderly.(Mieres, Spain. Apr 2, 2022)

Arango Lys


The River Ran Black


August 18, 2020: A girl, standing before her tea shop, which is completely ruined by sea water in Namkhana Island. After Cyclone Aila struck the Sundarbans in 2009, it became clear that frequent cyclonic events will turn the residents of Sundarbans into climate refugees. Within May 5, 2019 - May 25, 2021, Sundarbans faced cyclones- Fani, Bulbul, Amphan & Yaas – each devastating enough to justify the fear of mass displacement. In Indian Sundarbans, 54 of the 104 island support a human population of about 4.5 million. Extensive deforestation & a huge part of mangroves getting submerged has left little trees to shield the soil from high tides & heavy rains, increased soil erosion & reduced efficiency to prevent global warming & block cyclones resulting in huge destruction from Aila, Yaas & Amphaan. COVID-19-lockdown has left locals unemployed with no income. With time, ‘Sundarbans is destined to be the arena of the largest outward migration of humans in history.

Bhattacharjee Supratim


Sinking Sundarbans


Date: 18 Jun 2017
Location: Morete Community, Pasataza Province, Ecuador.

A woman of the Sapara people looks through the window of a small plane that has just landed in the Morete community, on the Kichwa territory of the Ecuadorian Amazon. 

This territory is surrounded by thousands of acres of primary jungle, and is therefore only reachable through the air. There is no road, and it would take a person almost a week to get there by foot through muddy lands. The absence of a road is a blessing for the local people, as it enables them to control and preserve the territory, thus preventing its deforestation. 
The arrival of an airplane is a special happening, as it is the only contact with the "modern world".

Frioli Nicola Ókin


Piatsaw: A Document on the Resistance of the Native Peoples of Ecuadorian Amazon


Location: On the evacuation train from Pokrovsk (Donbas) to Lviv, Ukraine
Caption Long: Train drivers Dmitrii Prishedko (43) and Victor Bondar (40) run the evacuation train from Pokrovsk to Lviv. Dmitrii has been working as a train driver since 1998. Donbas has again seen an influx of refugees due to advances of Russian forces. Pokrovsk has been struck by Russian shells and missiles multiple times in the preceding weeks. In this image, the train has just departed Pokrovsk, and is on its way to Dnipro for its first stop.

Krings Jelle

The Netherlands

Iron People


Zoe Allen, 10, rides her favorite horse, Bale, on the family farm in Bardstown, Kentucky on June 1, 2022. "I never dreamed she would turn out as good as she is," said her grandfather. "She's just got a natural gift Ð something you don't make but that you're born with. God had to give it to her."

Miller Bob

United States of America

The Last Generation: Zoe’s Dream


France, Lure, 2021-01-20. Francesca, surrounded by her many teddy bears, between learning new languages and philosophy. Reading is the last resort to escape and forget the dull anguish due to the disease. Long term project of four years on the slow process of destruction of the neurons of Francesca, my mother, suffering from Parkinson s disease, an incurable disease which will plunge her into a reduction of her movements and of her life. Photograph by Maria Mosconi / Hans Lucas.
France, Lure, 2021-01-20.  Francesca, entouree de ses nombreux ours en peluches, entre apprentissage de nouvelles langues et philosophie. La lecture est le dernier recours pour s evader
psychologiquement et oublier la sourde angoisse due a la maladie. Projet au long cours de quatre annees sur le lent processus de destruction des neurones de Francesca, ma mere, atteinte de la maladie de Parkinson, maladie incurable qui va la plonger dans une reduction de ses mouvements et de sa vie. Photographie de Maria Mosconi / Hans Lucas.

Mosconi Maria




Pabst Sarah


Everyone in Me is a Bird


Supino Simona


Wind of Change



Tombolillo Marika


De Vitam


After spending several months travelling the country, the family arrives at Adama – a village in the Galilee that is home to a handful of families. They decide to park their caravan there.
Amnon, Tamar, and Malmalu Barri messing about on the rooftop of their home.  Galille ,Israel

Shaar-Yashuv Avishag


Home Away from Home