The members of 2019 edition reflect our dedication to the highest selection process and our desire to give photographers visibility among some of the best professionals in the field of photography.

Rick ShawRick Shaw
Rick Shaw
Rick ShawDirector of Pictures of the Year International

Rick Shaw was a faculty member at the University of Missouri School of Journalism, specializing in visual journalism, and director of Pictures of the Year International (POY) for more than 13 years before retiring.
During his tenure with POY, Shaw guided the program’s 74-year competition for visual journalism, coordinated worldwide exhibitions, cultivated the POY Archive, and launched POY Latin America
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Jon JonesJon Jones
Jon Jones
Jon JonesHead of Photography

Jon Jones is presently the Head of Photography for Tortoise Media, based in London.
Previously he was the Director of photography for the Sunday Times Magazine, where the magazine’s work received numerous awards for its photography.
As a photojournalist for the Sygma Photo Agency in Paris, Jon Jones documented conflict all over the world, most notably in Eastern Europe, Africa and the Middle East.
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Pierre FernandezPierre Fernandez
Pierre Fernandez
Pierre FernandezMultimedia Content Manager

Pierre Fernandez works as Multimedia Content Manager for the global news agency AFP.He was staffed as an editor in early 1985 when AFP started its world photo operation.
He was assigned to Saudi Arabia in late 1990 as coordinator and sent to key international summits. He was also appointed magazine editor to the Barcelona Summer Olympics, the World Cup Soccer in the US in 1994 and film editor to the Winter Olympics in Norway.
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Alberto PrinaAlberto Prina
Alberto Prina
Alberto PrinaHe has co-ordinated its annual Festival of Ethical Photography since he created it.

Alberto Prina founded the photo association Gruppo Fotografico Progetto Immagine and has co-ordinated its annual Festival of Ethical Photography since he created it.
Alberto is a curator of exhibits, a jury member at international contests and he is the creator of the Travelling Festival. He works as a reportage photographer for non-profit organisations developing projects in the field of photographic communication, multimedia and collaborative photography.
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Aldo MendichiAldo Mendichi
Aldo Mendichi
Aldo MendichiHe has been the President of the Gruppo Fotografico Progetto Immagine since 2013.

His passion for photography started in 2004. Since the very beginning, his interest has focused on social reportage photography.
After having attended several photography courses in 2007 Aldo started a documentary project about the Northern Ireland question, “The Troubles”. Since 2010, he has been one of the coordinators of the Festival of Ethical Photography together with Alberto Prina and he is also a member of the editorial staff of Ludesan Life, an online reportage magazine.
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