World Report Award guidelines


In order to enter participants are required to make a donation to our nonprofit association.

There is no limit to the number of projects (for the Reportage, Student and Short Story category) or pictures (for the Single Shot category) that a photographer can enter.


N.1 project entered: 30€
From the 2° projects onward the fee is increased by 15€ for project


  • N. 2 projects 45€ (for example 1 project in the Master section and 1 project in the Spotlight section). One photographer can enter the same project or different projects.  
  • N. 3 projects 60€ (for example 2 projects in the Master section, 1 project in the Spotlight section OR 3 projects in the Master section).

N.1 project entered: 20€
From the 2° projects onward the fee is increased by 10€


N.1 project entered: 10€
From the 2° projects onward the fee is increased by 5€


5€ each picture presented


Verification process
The shortlisted photographers for each category will be asked to provide the official jury with the RAW file or negative file that must be sent by June 20th, 2022.
In case the photographers don’t have the RAW file or the negative file, the jury reserves the rights to ask and evaluate the JPG original file as recorded by the camera.

If the requested file will not be sent by June 20th, 2022 the jury is entitled to eliminate the reportage from the shortlist.

For the STUDENT category ONLY
The finalists of the student section will also be asked to provide the jury with certificate of attendance proving enrollment in a school of photography or a diploma issued after January 1st, 2021 (to be sent by June 20th, 2022). 

In order to be considered valid, enrollment certificates or diplomas must be issued by a legally recognized school or by a course of photography that covered more than 60 hours. Workshops or courses of a shorter duration will not be considered sufficient to enter this category.

For the SINGLE SHOT category ONLY
The selected finalists (30 in total) will receive an email from the staff of the Festival, asking to provide the organizers with the HR files to print the exhibit in a 40×60 format. The finalists will be announced only after receiving the files by June 20th, 2022

All the finalists must grant the use of images for the creation of an exhibition that will be shown during the Festival of Ethical Photography and for further exhibitions or publishing/promotional initiatives related to the exhibit itself. The photographs could also be used in the Festival educational programs. 

Post production
Post-production is allowed as long as nothing is added or removed to and from the original RAW file. Image cropping is allowed.

Property of the images
The participant declares himself/herself to be the author of the images presented, to own the rights of it and to be authorized to use all images by the people present in it. The participant takes full responsibility for using the pictures sent to the award./span>

Rights to use the images of the SHORTLISTED photographers
Copyright and ownership of photographs remain with the photographers at all times.

All entrants agree to grant the Festival of Ethical Photography permission to use the images submitted for promotional and communication purposes (online and offline material, social networks, newsletter, etc). The Festival will always note the credits of the photographer.

Rights to use the images of the WINNERS
The winners shall be requested to be present at the event that will take place in October 2022 during the Festival of Ethical Photography in Lodi (Italy).

The organization will cover all travel and accommodation costs. Should the photographers not attend the ceremony after first committing to it, all the costs already paid for by the organization will be deducted from the total prize i.e. flight, hotel reservation etc…

The photographer grants the use of the images of the awarded reportage for the creation of an exhibition that will be shown during the Festival of Ethical Photography 2022.

At the discretion of the organization, the exhibitions of the winners can be held in other locations in Italy and abroad until the 31st of December 2026, with the only purpose to promote the photographers, their work, the Festival and the Award. After these dates, the photographer can ask the organization of the Festival to return the prints by post and the costs will be covered by the recipient.

For future exhibitions the photographer will commit to name the Festival of Ethical Photography of Lodi as producer of the exhibition within the World.Report Award 2022.

The organizers reserve the right to use the images of the awarded reportage for the promotion of the Festival (for example in the catalogue or for the promotion of the event on traditional communication channels, social networks, newsletters, etc). The Festival will always note the credits of the photographer. All rights will remain with the photographer.

The organization of the Festival reserves the right to exhibit a lower number of images compared to the original submission for the contest due to space issues in some of the locations designated for the exhibition of the award.

Captions and texts
The captions and the story text must be complete and accurate, providing information about the subject photographed and the circumstances in which the photographs were taken. Omitting, disguising or misrepresenting the content is cause for disqualification.

The World.Report Award is reserved exclusively to single photographers. The participation is strictly done on individual basis and excludes all works produced by collectives of photographers.

In any case the author relieves the Festival from all responsibilities related to the content of the work submitted.

If at any time after an award is announced a submission is found to have broken one or more rules, it can be disqualified.

Participation in the contest implies that all the World. Report Award application requirements and submission guidelines have been fully read, understood and accepted.

The prizes awarded for each of the 4 categories will be paid no later than December 31, 2022.
The Gruppo Fotografico Progetto Immagine, the association in charge of organizing the Festival, is a non-profit entity and will grant the winners the prizes for every category according to budget availability and in any case not later than December 31st, 2022.

The organization declines any responsibility for damages to persons and things directly and indirectly caused by the activity of the award.

The regulations of the World.Report Award might change for reasons beyond the control of the organisation.

It is possible to withdraw from the competition at any moment simply by sending an email to The withdrawal from the competition does not imply the reimbursement of the participation donation.

In order to enter the contest you have to sign up on the Picter platform
and create a photographer profile.








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