A Glance on the WorldFarshid Tighehsaz
The New Name of Death

The current pandemic has caused our lives to change dramatically, contributing to a pervasive sense of uncertainty, loss, and isolation. The traumatic situation many people went through is threatening their psychological integrity. Especially, in closed and critical societies such as Iran where the pandemic is strongly affecting the population.

This project is a deep exploration into those aspects of reality that have completely disappeared in the news coverage. Mahammad Hatami, the Head of Psychology and Counselling Council in Iran reported: ‘Since the Covid-19 pandemic began it has strongly hit people’s lives. In a post-Covid society we are now facing a tsunami of psychological disorders, which will overbearingly emerge, resulting in social damages.’ In fact, Covid-19 increased depression in the Iranian society more than ever.

The death toll is rising every day and this is a worrying situation. Iran is moving towards a humanitarian catastrophe. In May 2021, the beginning of the fifth wave of the virus with more severe infections, was officially announced. At the same time, because of unorganization and ideological misconception about the fact that vaccines are developed in the United States and Europe, the vaccination process has been slow in the country. These factors combined are producing immeasurable damages, whose impact will be felt for years to come. A transformation is happening in the psychological dimension, an invisible mutation which hides itself behind masks and gloves.

Farshid is a freelance photographer based in Tabriz, Iran. He was born in 1987. In 2006 his father died while he was laying on the couch, just beside him. His father was an amateur photographer and he was the one who introduced him to photography. The camera became a tool for understanding reality. In 2005, he entered university to study PE, but after 3 years he lost interest in it and he started to study psychology. However, he had to leave school in 2010 due to economic problems and he started to work professionally as a photographer collaborating with some agencies in Iran. His project titled From Labyrinth has been shortlisted in the Kolga Tbilisi Photo Award in 2016, Riga Photomonth in 2016, Grand Prix Fotofestiwal in 2018, Cortona On The Move “New Visions” open call in 2017; this project has also received an Honorable mention in the PHmuseum Grant in 2018 and it was awarded with the LensCulture Emerging Talent Awards in 2017. His work has been published internationally on news outlets such as New York Times, The Washington Post, Reuters, Associated Press and Agence France-Press, among others.


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