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Les Gilets jaunes

The so-called “yellow vest” movement had tapered off over the summer, but its leaders hope to galvanise support for a fresh wave of rallies across the country as the government begins a reform of France’s retirement system.

The yellow vest movement began last November 2018, triggered by anger over a fuel tax increase. It quickly evolved into a broader movement against Macron, accused of ignoring the day-to-day struggles of low-income earners in small-town and rural France.

The protests rocked Macron’s presidency, and he eventually unveiled nearly 17 billion euros in wage boosts and tax cuts for low earners to quell the protests. The President vowed to better address voters’ grievances after months of town-hall debates.

But after attracting 282,000 people nationwide at the first day of protest on November 17, their numbers have fallen sharply by last spring, and only sporadic protests were seen over the summer.


The photographers present in this exhibition that told about the story of the “yellow vests”for the AFP are:

Zakaria Abdelkafi, Sameer Al-Doumy, Abdulmonam Eassa, GEORGES Gobet, Valery  Hache,Alain Jocard, Jean-Philippe Ksiazek, Romain Lafabregue, Philippe Lopez, Charly Triballeau, Nicolas Tucat, Geoffroy Van der Hasselt, Loic Venance.


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