Fertility in the context of social and economic complexity is always an act of trust, of union and family.

Jury motivations

Edilane and some of her kids are resting on a mattress, pregnant with a boy. This work is part of a 14 months long-term project, Copacabana Palace, about the “Sem Tetos“, while Brazil spent billions in Panamerican Games, World Cup and Olympics.


Peter Bauza is a German Photographer within the documentary photography and the storytelling. He is very committed to social and geopolitical issues related to conservation, global health, diminishing cultures, sustainability and the environment. He resides in South America and Europe now more than 20 years. Peter got the international award World Press Photo 2017 for “Contemporary Stories” as well as the Visa D’or 2016 for features, among others. His works have been published and exhibited internationally.