Fertile Solidarity

The theme for this new Single Shot section aims to be a hymn to solidarity that generates future progress. The spirit of togetherness is realized through actions which bring about and support the progress of our entire society.

We perceive solidarity as an act of growth that stimulates, builds and inspires change.

We selected images that represent this perspective in a creative way: this could be from the many activities carried out by humanitarian associations, to personal relationships among people, from treatment and pain relief to the sense of belonging to the great World community.

These photos will be exhibited in the WRA area during the 2017 edition of the Festival and they will be included in a catalogue.

The first three classified will be announced on 14th September 2017.

This section has been realized thanks to the educational unrestricted grant of IBSA Farmaceutici Italia.

Alberto CampiAlberto Campi
Alberto Campi
Alberto CampiItaly
© Alberto Campi | WeReport
Alessandro CinqueAlessandro Cinque
Alessandro Cinque
Alessandro CinqueItaly
© Alessandro Cinque
Alessandro RotaAlessandro Rota
Alessandro Rota
Alessandro RotaItaly
© Alessandro Rota
Alessio MamoAlessio Mamo
Alessio Mamo
Alessio MamoItaly
© Alessio Mamo/MSF
Anja LigtenbergAnja Ligtenberg
Anja Ligtenberg
Anja LigtenbergNetherlands
© Anja Ligtenberg
Antonio GibottaAntonio Gibotta
Antonio Gibotta
Antonio GibottaItaly
© Antonio Gibotta
Chiara ScardozziChiara Scardozzi
Chiara Scardozzi
Chiara ScardozziItaly
© Chiara Scardozzi
Domenico GiannantonioDomenico Giannantonio
Domenico Giannantonio
Domenico GiannantonioItaly
© Domenico Giannantonio
Edward JonklerEdward Jonkler
Edward Jonkler
Edward JonklerUnited Kingdom
© Edward Jonkler
Emiliano CribariEmiliano Cribari
Emiliano Cribari
Emiliano CribariItaly
© Emiliano Cribari
Giulio MontiniGiulio Montini
Giulio Montini
Giulio MontiniItaly
© Giulio Montini
Isabella BalenaIsabella Balena
Isabella Balena
Isabella BalenaItaly
© IsabellaBalena
Jessica Pepper-PetersonJessica Pepper-Peterson
Jessica Pepper-Peterson
Jessica Pepper-PetersonUnited States
© Jessica Pepper-Peterson
Jonathan BachmanJonathan Bachman
Jonathan Bachman
Jonathan BachmanUnited States
© Jonathan Bachman / Reuters
Leticia ZicaLeticia Zica
Leticia Zica
Leticia ZicaBrazil
© Leticia Zica
Lorenzo MosciaLorenzo Moscia
Lorenzo Moscia
Lorenzo MosciaItaly
© Lorenzo Moscia / WUSC
Marco PanzettiMarco Panzetti
Marco Panzetti
Marco PanzettiItaly
© Marco Panzetti / SOS Méditerranée
Marika PuicherMarika Puicher
Marika Puicher
Marika PuicherItaly
© Marika Puicher
Peter BauzaPeter Bauza
Peter Bauza
Peter BauzaGermany
© Peter Bauza
Simone RasoSimone Raso
Simone Raso
Simone RasoItaly
© SimoneRaso
Arianne ClémentArianne Clément
Arianne Clément
Arianne ClémentCanada
© Arianne Clément
Giacomo MignaniGiacomo Mignani
Giacomo Mignani
Giacomo MignaniItaly
© Giacomo Mignani
Mauro PagnanoMauro Pagnano
Mauro Pagnano
Mauro PagnanoItaly
© Mauro Pagnano | Etiket Comunicazione
Maria Giulia BerardiMaria Giulia Berardi
Maria Giulia Berardi
Maria Giulia BerardiItaly
© Maria Giulia Berardi
Silke KirchhoffSilke Kirchhoff
Silke Kirchhoff
Silke KirchhoffGermany
© SilkeKirchhoff
Roberto PerottiRoberto Perotti
Roberto Perotti
Roberto PerottiItaly
© Roberto Perotti
Rocco RorandelliRocco Rorandelli
Rocco Rorandelli
Rocco RorandelliItaly
© Rocco Rorandelli | TerraProjecr
Scott A. WoodwardScott A. Woodward
Scott A. Woodward
Scott A. WoodwardCanada
© Scott A. Woodward
Louie FavoriteLouie Favorite
Louie Favorite
Louie FavoriteUnited States
© Louie Favorite
William MonacoWilliam Monaco
William Monaco
William MonacoItaly
© William Monaco