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Vital Impacts is a women-led nonprofit founded by National Geographic photographer and filmmaker Ami Vitale and journalist Eileen Mignoni, which uses art and storytelling to support people and organizations who are protecting people, wildlife, habitats, and the storytellers who share their stories. For this reason, Vital Impacts has launched a grant and mentorship programs to support and encourage visual storytellers to create long-term documentary photography projects with local communities who are working to protect the environment and wildlife.
“Environmentalists,Indigenous peoples,and scientists have been sounding the alarm about the biodiversity crisis for more than half a century, yet no meaningful action has been taken,” says Vital Impacts founder Ami Vitale. “As photographers, we are in a unique position to inform and influence change, but pressing the shutter is just the start. For images to have significance, they need to tell a story and reach people.”
This grant has resulted in two winners, six honorable mentions and 50 mentorships awarded. In this exhibit path, you can go through the projects of every photographer whose work is contributing to shine a light on the Planet and what we can all do to preserve it.

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© Tailyr Irvine/Vital Impacts Grant
© Daylin Paul/Vital Impacts Grant
© Rafael Vilela/Vital Impacts Grant

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