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Vital Impacts: Our Interconnected World

Never before has it been so clear that our fates are inextricably linked to the life around us, whether we see it or not. We can learn to live more deeply when our eyes are open to the wild.

Vital Impacts mission is to use photography to transcend language and create empathy, awareness and understanding across cultures; to help us see that the survival of the planet is intertwined with our own survival. There’s a strong connection between visual imagery and empathy; when we see something, it helps us to connect our brains and hearts to feel love and compassion for other living beings. While science and research is critical to understanding the planet and all the life we coexist with, photography can often reach people in other profound and important ways. As photographers we have a huge opportunity to inform and influence change, but pressing the shutter is just the start. For an image to have significance, it needs to tell a story and reach people.
Our message is simple. Never before has it been so clear that our fates are inextricably linked to those around us. What we need most is another way of seeing, and another way of being in this world. This is a moment to reimagine our relationship with nature and to each other. We all need to do all we can to care for the plants and critters that inhabit the earth. Our future happiness depends on them.

Photo copyright: © Ami Vitale.

Today’s most compelling environmental photographers have come together to rally around a cause. Using their art, they are raising funds to support grassroots conservation organizations. Vital Impacts is a non-profit created by award-winning National Geographic photographer Ami Vitale and journalist Eileen Mignoni. The photographers who have been selected for Vital Impacts are renowned for their dedication to the planet. They have demonstrated a deep commitment to conservation efforts around the globe.


Ami Vitale, National Geographic photographer and documentary filmmaker has travelled to more than 100 countries, documenting the heartbreaking realities of war to witnessing the inspiring power of individuals making a difference. Her award-winning work illuminates the unsung heroes and communities working to protect wildlife and finding harmony in our natural world.
She is the 2022 recipient of the prestigious Missouri Honor Medal for Distinguished Service, has been named Magazine photographer of the year in the International Photographer of the Year award, received the Daniel Pearl for Outstanding Journalism award and is a six-time recipient of World Press Photos. She also published a best-selling book, Panda Love, on the secret lives of pandas.
Ami is also the founder and Executive Director of the non-profit Vital Impacts which uses art to empower and engage youth through the arts to become activists and influence their peers in the world. She lectures around the world for the National Geographic LIVE series, and will be featured on the National Geographic Channel Explorer tv series in 2023.

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