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Special Mention Spotlight Award 2023Sarah Pabst
Everyone in Me is a Bird

Six years ago, the photographer lost her brother to sudden cardiac death. Sarah’s world collapsed and changed within a second. From that day on, grief has accompanied her. But when her brother passed away, he gave her the gift of perceiving life differently. He has taught Sarah to be fearless, and to embrace what is to come. 

At his funeral, a small robin flew around the family, and since then, birds recall a memory of her brother. A month after his death she found out she was pregnant. 

Transcending between her chosen home-country, Argentina, and her native Germany, this work undoes distance, freely moving between time, seasons, countries, and space. As part of a fragile ecosystem, nature becomes the connection. After three early pregnancy losses, the pregnancy of Sarah’s second child was accompanied by doubt and fear, but she learned how to listen to her body and trust that everything was going to be alright. Her son was born during a full moon and a thunderstorm, followed by a major flood in Germany. Post-partum comes with immense joy, but also isolation and sadness, feelings that interchange at high-speed. One tries to find a new place in the world, searching to be reborn as well.

Photo copyright: © Sarah Pabst

Sarah Pabst is a German-born photojournalist and visual storyteller based in Buenos Aires, Argentina. She owns a masters degree in Fine Arts -photography and painting- and Spanish from the Universities of Cologne and Wuppertal. 

Besides her personal intimate work she mainly focuses on women, identity, human rights and environmental issues. 

She is a member of Women Photograph and Ayün Fotógrafas. In 2021 she became a National Geographic Explorer and a grantee of the Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting. She was chosen as a mentor for the Women Photograph Mentorship Program in 2022. In 2021, she also published her first book, Morning Song, with Raya Editorial, a deeply personal story on motherhood, lockdown, pregnancy loss and love. 

In the same year she was three times awarded at POYi and POY Latam. Her work was also awarded with an Honorable Mention at the International Photography Awards at the Paris Photo Awards and at the Daylight Awards 2021. In 2020 she received the National Geographic Emergency Fund for Journalists for a group collaboration with Ayün. In the same year she was selected for the XXXIII Eddie Adams Masterclass and shortlisted for the Women Photographer Grant of the Photographic Museum of Humanity. 

Her work has been exhibited both nationally and internationally and it has been published in numerous international media outlets such as National Geographic, TIME, The New York Times, Financial Times Magazine, Washington Post, Zeit, Der Spiegel, The Wall Street Journal, California Sunday Magazine, Bloomberg Market Magazine, Vice, GUP and Le Monde Diplomatique, among others.



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