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Spotlight Award Winner 2023Bob Miller
The Last Generation: Zoey’s Dream

Beneath the gently rolling Loretto hills of Kentucky, 11-year-old Zoey Allen rides bareback through fields of corn and soybean, while her grandfather called Jackie “Jackrabbit” Allen, shirtless and leather-skinned, walks methodically through rows of freshly cut hay. 

The 260 acres under his feet, established by his grandfather before him, are indeed the only world he’s ever known. His face and hands hold the unmistakable texture of someone intimate with hard work. Standing next to him, his granddaughter, Zoey, exudes the same grit. 

The Allens represent the best that American farms have to offer. They are the summation of generational knowledge and skill, passed down through family lineage. And for centuries, the world has benefitted from their tradition of generational intimacy with the land. But as industrialized agriculture continues to grow, the generational model of farming is evolving. Traditional, midsize farms are nearing extinction in America, uprooted by a thriving yet unforgiving farm economy that favors the extremes. Those who remain find themselves on the precipice of an ever-widening chasm, into which more than four million farms have vanished since 1948.

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Bob Miller is an American photographer and filmmaker. His interest in documentary emerged when, as a naive art student, he stumbled into an international news story with an old Nikon and 42 rolls of film. In the years following, his visual voice took shape – first informed by his study of design, then refined by graduate work in photojournalism. These complementary paths merged when Bob joined a multidisciplinary team of creatives at a prestigious design firm, crafting authentic stories to promote reputable brands. Since returning to freelance in 2013, Bob has lensed and directed documentary style content for editorial, commercial and nonprofit clients in over a dozen countries. 

His independent photographic works explore contemporary social issues, and have been published and exhibited internationally. As an Emmy-nominated cinematographer and filmmaker, his video collaborations challenge and inspire audiences. Regardless of the medium, he is consistently drawn to a singular truth: how we see the world ultimately shapes it. 

Bob currently lives in Birmingham, Alabama, with his wife and four children. He is available for commissions worldwide.



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