OPEN CALL FOR THE NONPROFIT WORLD 2024: SELECTED NGOGiulia Piermartiri and Edoardo Delille for WeWorld
Africa Blues

Far from our attention, year after year the climate crisis is hitting hard in Africa, changing its prospects, worsening hunger and uncertainty, and altering the psychology and perception of the world of its inhabitants. The present is fragile, the future is frightening: this is the story told by the photos of Africa Blues.

Photo copyright: © Giulia Piermartiri and Edoardo Delille for WeWorld

For over 50 years WeWorld has been working to grant the rights of women and children in 26 countries around the world, including Italy. The projects bring anyone on the geographical and social margins to the center of the conversation, promoting their human and economic development, so that they can become protagonists of their own change.

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