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Savour Beauty

The desire to start again after the pandemic, planning and working creatively and imaginatively: hence the idea of a contest that would connect photography and painting, within a project called Savour Beauty that Nuova Assistenza intends to carry on with continuity in the coming years. As a matter of fact, the initiative is one of the projects aimed at supporting and re-motivating social, health and educational workers, tried by the difficulties and hardships of the pandemic, which characterized these last few years. The 2022 project, inspired by the art of great painters and aimed at workers and all those people they tend to, was meant to experience moments of carelessness, sharing and culture, giving new life to famous artworks. The contest was open to all those services managed by Nuova Assistenza. The participants were given the task to recreate a famous painting, striking the same poses, wearing the same clothes in the same set design, through a creative rework of the various elements. The final work could be a faithful copy of the original or a re-elaboration: the final goal was to arouse wonder, amazement and admiration for the insight and imagination with which the participants experienced the connection with the great art that inspired them.

Photo copyright: © Collective of photographers for Nuova Assistenza.

Nuova Assistenza is Social Cooperative Company ONLUS based in Novara and active from 1195 in the welfare, healthcare and educational field. They coordinate more than 100 services, both in global service and in partnership with Governmental and Private entities in Piedmont, Lombardy, Liguria and Sardinia.
The cooperative can count on 3500 operators including doctors, nurses, physiotherapist, educators, psychologists, entertainers, art therapists, health workers and people in charge of hotel and administrative services.


No photography was made by professional photographers. The shots are the result of the collaboration between caregivers and patients who lent themselves to becoming photographers and models, sharing ideas, talents and most of all their feelings. Deep gratitude is due to all the operators who carried out their work with humility and dedication in the dark years of the pandemic and, despite the effort and limitations, have not lost the enthusiasm, passion and creativity that all professions in this fields require.

Lodi, Chiostro dell’Ospedale Vecchio


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