Heart of a Seal

Once the photographer saw the first glimpses of the mountain that Uummannaq, Greenland, an island town off the country’s western coast, centers around, he was instantly drawn to the beauty and rawness of this remote place. The Arctic island has in the past 50 years quickly developed itself and is going from a traditional community of fishermen and hunters to a modern society.
Lukas wanted to understand and document how life looks and feels like in a community with such a harsh climate and long traditions.For countless generations, the Inuit who reside here have relied on their natural surroundings to survive. This project aims at showing how the Inuit culture intersects with the town’s present day conditions and to pose the question of how long the area’s traditions will resist the worsening of climate change?

Photo copyright: © Lukas Kreibig.

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Lukas Kreibig was born in southern Germany. After studying Photojournalism at the University of Hanover and at the Danish School of Journalism in Denmark, he started to work on long-term stories as well as on assignments as a freelancer.
Lukas’ photographs have appeared in The Washington Post, National Geographic, Stern, CNN, GEO, and Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, among other pubblications. He’s had exhibitions at Visa pour l’Image, at the Triennale of Photography Hamburg and at the Düsseldorf Photo Weekend and his projects have been awarded several prizes.

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