FREEDOM AREAFiorella Baldisserri

Cinema has always been Morris Donini’s dream. Everyone knows and loves him as Morris the “cinemaio”, the artisan of the cinema.

In this year of forced enclosure due to the pandemic, he decides to keep showing movies in an empty theater. In the darkness of his cinema, Morris sits on an armchair or on the floor at the back of the room, as he used to do during normal times, as if he is savouring lights and atmospheres that only images can give. He keeps the doors open to allow the inhabitants of the small town to hear the voices and the music of the stories projected, while flashes of light come out as reflections that send a message: cinema exists, the show goes on.

Resilience is also and mostly this: Morris (and sometimes his dog), as a sole spectator in a moment of great difficulty, with closed cinemas but with rents to be paid, with strength and determination, hoping that lights won’t switch off forever.

During his childhood, Morris drew cinemas in school notebooks with a flair for posters and film reviews. By chance he met the owner of a cinema in a small town in the province of Bologna and every day after that he asked him to allow him to become part of that world as he wanted to experience the atmosphere of the room, with its red velvet fabrics, the armchairs and the magical screen. In return he offered to do small jobs. Years passed and on the death of the owner he was asked to manage that cinema. Morris was 29 and without a second thought he accepted. Today he directs three provincial cinemas because he believes that cinema can give cultural identity even to small towns. Morris pursued an ideal of life that with patience and dedication became a reality.

In Italy, the cinema business has undergone a drastic reduction of more than 70% in terms of presences and income, causing an estimated loss of more than 25 million spectators: a collapse that has never been seen or even hypothesized since the birth of this sector which today is an industry.

Fiorella Baldisserri, classical studies and an interest in art in all its forms, is a photographer from Bologna who loves travelling for profession and passion.

The professional approach to photography took place in 2016 when she attended some courses on study of the image and history of photography. She then deepened her education with the photojournalism Masterclass in Rome.

Currently Fiorella feels very close to the photographic genre of reportage, which allows her to observe people, enter stories and tell them through images, investigating herself.

Fiorella has seen some shots published by international newspapers both in print and online.

This exhibition was organized in collaboration with the Roma Fotografia Association, which launched the photographic call “Freedom”, asking photographers from all over the world to explore the concept of freedom: perceptions, desires, dreams, to devote attention to needs.

Among the thousands of photographs received, the projects Tunnel and Morris “il cinemaio” have been selected to be exhibited at the 2021 edition of the festival in Montanaso Lombardo.

Comune di Montanaso Lombardo
Via G. Garibaldi, 28