Hong Kong: Opposing views

On June 9th 2019, millions of people gathered in Hong Kong in an organized march to oppose China’s repressive practices. The protest arose a few months earlier against the extradition bill that would have allowed those accused of committing crimes to be tried in Mainland China.

Opponents, fearing that the law could favor China’s control over Hong Kong’s judicial system and facilitate the repression of political dissent, continued to demonstrate, filling the streets of the city, organizing protests even at the international airport and in universities. The activists organized the resistance through social media and did not stop even with the outbreak of coronavirus.

Among the demands being made by the demonstrators, there is an investigation that sheds light on the police, an amnesty for over 6,000 people arrested so far as well as the right to elect the leader of Hong Kong.

Five years after the “umbrella protest”, a symbol of Hong Kong’s opposition to Beijing’s grip, the clear goal for the demonstrators is one: to continue fighting for freedom.

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The photographers that you can find in this exhibit path who documented the protests in Hong Kong for the AFP agency are: Nicolas ASFOURI, Isaac LAWRENCE and Anthony WALLACE.


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