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Amina - The Woman who Teaches to Fly

Aisha was Mohammed’s second favorite wife, after Khadija, his first one. Aisha was a woman who shined with her own light and for this reason she was a protagonist of her time, and not because she was the wife of an important husband. She was a strong spirit ready to fight in order to defend her ideals.

Sources say she was an independent woman, not afraid of reprimanding her husband when they debated on family issues. It was in her arms that The Prophet passed away during a battle.

When the photographer met Amina he had the opportunity to understand the activities carried on by this woman through the Aisha Project and could suddenly find similarities between her and Mohammed’s wife.

Amina is a Italo-Palestinian woman who was born in Modena. Since 2015 she has been living in Milan with her husband Nia and her family. She is mother of six children, co-founder of the Aisha Project and creator of many social projects which aim at helping people in need. The Aisha Project is a pioneer in the field, both in Italy and Europe. Its goal is to enhance women, granting freedom of choice and their social and economic independence. Amina also takes care of coordinating services dedicated to women victims of violence.

The headquarters of the association is based at Amina’s house, but the majority of the activities are carried on a few doors down the street.

Aisha Project’s goal is to be able to support its own “sisters” by listening and sometimes pushing them to ask for help, through the law, while often seeking a safe place where these women can live and feel safe.

Photo copyright: © Gianluca Colonnese for Progetto Aisha.

The Aisha Project was created within the social and cultural activities of CAIM – Milan, Monza and Brianza’s Islamic Association Coordination.

The association’s mission is to enhance the female figure, promoting freedom of choice, social and economic independence. Its members work hard to promote those tools aimed at guaranteeing the protection and respect of gender differences.


Gianluca Colonnese graduated in humanistic disciplines and specialized in anthropology, photojournalism and documentary photography. His work has been published on platforms, such as National Geographic, L’Espresso, Vanity Fair and Corriere della Sera 7.
His long-term projects currently involve 2 states: Italy and Argentina. In Italy he’s working on projects focusing on child disabilities, legalization of Marijuana and the new Paganism. In Argentina he’s working on projects about the Gauchos and the cattle breeding traditions.


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