How to Write Your Remote Job Resume Templates + Samples Included

From making sure your resume tells your best career story to guiding you during a career transition, resume writers are here to share their expertise so you can succeed. Instead, focus on what you accomplished during your remote work experience, mention the tools you used, and quantify the impact of your work, without fabricating anything. Spearheaded a bi-weekly virtual sync-up meeting and implemented Asana project management software, improving team communication and speeding up the project completion rate by 30%. Increased sales by 15% during Q while working remotely and maintaining consistent communication with dispersed team members in different time zones. Here is an example of a resume summary that includes these skills and should get the job done. Have a look below at what skills should be added if you would like to be hired in a fully remote or hybrid position.

However, if you want to convince an employer that you’ve got what it takes to be their remote employee, you’ll have to learn how to put remote work on your resume the right way. Whether you’re on premise or remote employee, having a strong resume at hand is essential for getting how to list remote work on resume you hired. If you want a resume that not only lists your past jobs but focuses on your strengths, accomplishments, and value for the future employers, you’ve come to the right place. A resume maker from will create a custom resume to help you get noticed.

Job search evaluation: assess every remote vacancy

According to Inavero’s 2019 Future Workforce report, 73% of all departments will have remote job positions by 2028. Official sources from corporations like Twitter, Google and countless other Blue Chips have said that staff can continue working from home permanently. Even “old-school” financial corporations like Wells Fargo and Bank of America have moved up to 180,000 of their employees (the majority of their workforce) to remote work mode. The key is to show that you know how and when to use these digital tools in a virtual setting on your resume for remote work. The point is to imagine how your strengths will benefit your future employers whilst explaining how these skills will adapt in a virtual setting. After transitioning to a remote role, you may be wondering how to list your position on your resume.

how to put remote work on resume

If you have enough work-from-home experience, then it is best to create a new section on your resume specifically for this form of work. This allows hiring managers to view you as an experienced candidate who can handle multiple responsibilities and work in a flexible manner depending on the job’s requirements. The job title on your resume is an excellent way to familiarize hiring managers with your remote employment and productivity. Focusing on the title message is a method that allows you to display the exact nature of your work. Point to accomplishments that include times you’ve gone above and beyond to support a colleague, organized a team-building event, or proactively kept others in the loop.

Communication Is Important in Work From Home Set-ups

But remember that your resume is just the start for presenting yourself as a solid candidate for a remote position. Continue to reinforce your credentials through a tailored cover letter and a stellar interview that lets employers know you’ll be a valuable addition to the staff from any location. If you’re not sure what skills are relevant to the remote job you’re applying for, search for the job using the tool below and it’ll give you a list of skills required for that position. The tool also gives you the option to add your resume — it’ll perform a quick scan and tell you what skills are missing. Whether you’re looking for fully remote positions or navigating a return to the office, here’s how to demonstrate the key skills employers are looking for. How you write and organize your resume for remote work increases your chances of being selected for an interview.

  • For example, adding ‘remote work’ as your location increases your chances of matching requirements for the algorithm.
  • In other instances, companies might not mention remote work at all but will consider it as an option if you’re qualified for the role.
  • When you are sitting alone with your laptop (in the blissful pauses between Zoom meetings) you have a choice.
  • Do you use telecommunication tools to contact team members in other branches or clients in other countries?
  • However, there is a growing need for remote workers, and you should take advantage of that by clarifying your desire or openness to working off-site or from home.
  • In this guide, we’ve put together a few tips to help you get started, as well as some examples of remote work accomplishments you can list on your resume.

The experience section is essential in your resume to provide examples of your remote work experience. There are some skills that recruiters are looking for in a resume to ensure that the candidate can thrive in a hybrid work environment. To thrive in a work-from-home-office environment, employees need to present different skills to do so. According to a GitLab study, 82% of workers believe remote work is the future. As such, companies hiring remotely tend to get a lot of applicants.